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  • UAV autonomous
    automation support


    eLaunch Technologies, assist organizations in automating essential functions within unmanned
    arial vehicles. We assist in managing multimodal information sets produced by complex sensory
    systems, communications encryption, target interdiction, and other critical UAV and combat
    aircraft software systems.

  • eLaunch


    eLaunch Technologies assist agencies with command and control systems, decision support,
    and operational management facilities.

  • The NAO system


    eLaunch Technologies selects the NAO system by ALDEBARAN ROBOTICS, as the hardware
    component of the company's mass autonomous system management platform.

  • all new financial markets decision support platform


    eLaunch annouces it's plans to launch an all new financial markets decision support
    platform. The platform is currently scheduled for release in the Summer of 2014.

  • CMMS


    eLaunch Technologies to launch new Computerized Maintenance & Management System (CMMS).
    The new platform will be online based and will launch in early 2014. Join our email list to learn more.


As technology advances, physical infrastructure and facilities will have more capability to automate processes and management-eLaunch is leading the way in this field.

IT Department

eLaunch has the capacity to handle IT outsourcing within a wide array of areas. Contact us today to learn more.

Employment Opportunities

eLaunch has a vibrant, diverse, and intellectually stimulating work environment. See our careers page to learn more.

Small Business Services

eLaunch offers "MicroSolutions" offers an affordable IT Support solution for small businesses. Click the link to learn more.


eLaunch Technologies offers effective products and services to assist our customers in the financial sector with running and operating their organizations.


We offer a wide array of IT related products and services to public sector clients including C4ISR technologies, decision support technologies, healthcare technologies, and CMMS software.